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Voxel VW-250 3D Printer

Desktop 3D Printer from Voxelwerks

3D Printer for Students, Educational Institutes, and Personal use.

Build Volume: 250 x 250 x 250 mm

Proudly Made in India!

Voxelwerks VW-250 3D Printer

Buil Volume

250 x 250 x 250 mm is the Build Volume of Voxel VW-200. Make anything within this size with Best in Class Surface Finish. Suitable for Entry-Level Work

Silicon heated bed

Heated Build Platform

A Silicon heated platform that can reach up to 110°C ensures maximum reliability and performance while printing engineering grade materials like ABS, PLA, PET-G, TPU, TPE, etc.


Ultra Silent Drivers

Use TMC Stepper Motor Drivers, Super Quiet and Noise Reduction, running more stable, ≤50dB silent printing

CPU Voxelwerks

CPU-32 Bit Processor

High-speed computing; high-performance, 32-bit frequency: 168M; Cortex-M4 CPU with FPU and DSP instruction, memory protection unit



A complete sheet metal chassis with precision machined CNC parts ensures ultimate life and durability, making Voxel VW-250 a worthwhile long-term investment.



Voxel VW-250 comes with a Fully calibrated XYZ axis along with Factory tuning of Extruder with 100+ Hours of TESTING. Load the Filament and Start Making Some Stuff from Day ONE!

Voxelwerks VW-250 3D Printer


Quality is USP for Voxel Series of 3D Printers, Continuing the same Legacy of our Industrial Grade 3D Printer in VW-250 with Robust Mechanical Hardware and Electronics for optimum long-term performance.

Direct Drive Extruder

A Direct Drive extruder applies a maximum pushing force to the
printing filament with accurate extrusion and retraction
response for best print quality.

This extruder is essential for printing Flexible Materials which
wouldn’t be possible without it.


User Friendly Interface

The Voxel Mini has a sleek LCD panel with easy access to print files, setup & basic maintenance.

Print, Pause, Resume, Change Filament, Tune Temperature & Adjust Print speed on the fly.

Voxel Mini LCD
Hiwin Rail

Hi-Win Linear Guide for Robust X-Axis

Long life with high speed, high accuracy and smooth linear motion.


Software Compatibility

Import from your favorite Design Platform

Tinkercad, Sketchup, Solidworks, Fusion360, Maya, Zbrush, Openscad, or any of the various CAD software, Export in one of the compatible formats like STL, OBJ, AMF, etc & you’re ready to 3D Print.

Slicing Software

The Voxel Mini runs Marlin, meaning it’s compatible with a variety of Slicing Software. Cura, Simplify3D, Mattercontrol, Slic3r, the list goes on.


Beginners: Cura (Free)
Advanced: Simplify3D

Learn how VOXEL VW-250 3D Printer can add value to your work ?

Our team of Expert will guide you through the process.

Capable of Printing a Variety of Filaments Up to 300℃

PLA/ ABS/ TPU/ TPE/ PETG/ PLA-Carbon Fiber Infused/ PLA Metal Fill/ PLA Wood Fill

Filament voxelwerks

Voxel VW-250 3D Printer Technical Specifications

Build Volume (W × D × H)
10 × 10 × 10 Inch/ 250 × 250 × 250 mm
Machine Size (H × W × D)
28.5 × 19.3 × 22.6 inch/ 723 × 490 × 574 mm
Printing Technology
Feeder Mechanism
Direct Drive Extruder
Filament Diameter
1.75 mm
Positioning Precision
XY: 11 microns [0.0004 in]
Z: 2.5 microns [0.0001 in]
Print Head Travel Speed
30–150 mm/s
Build Plate
Heated aluminum build plate with removable Glass
Max Build Plate Temperature
Heated Bed Material
Build Plate Leveling
Semi-Automatic Bed Levelling
Filament Run-out Sensor
Supported Materials
PP/ PVA/ Nylon/ Carbon Fiber Infused/ Metal Fill/ Wood Fill
Layer Height
Nozzle Diameter
0.4 mm (Default), 0.2/ 0.6/ 0.8/ 1.0 mm (Swappable)
Max Nozzle Temperature
USB, SD Card, (WIFI * Optional)
Noise Emission (Acoustic)
<60 dB(A) when building
Operating Ambient Temperature
15-30ºC, 10-90% RH non-condensing
Net Weight
45 kg
Gross Weight
50 kg
Software & Electrical
User Interface
2.8 inch LCD with Knob
Touch Screen (Add-on)
Power Loss Recovery
Slicing Software
Cura, Simplify 3D, Ideamaker, Slicer
Supported File Types
Supported OS
WINDOWS/ macOS/ Linux
Machine Code Type
Power Supply Input
~220V, 50/60 Hz AC

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Shipping out hundreds of 3D Printers, we’ve noticed that Voxel VW-200 is best suited for Students, Educational Institutes, Personal use, 3D Printing businesses, Factories, Heavy Manufacturers, Model Making Service Providers, Product Designers.

Especially with the specifications and the price tag, the Voxel VW-200 packs a range of advanced features like Removable Glass Bed, CNC Machined Aluminum Extruder and Active Triple Cooling Fans making it the most ideal 3D Printer for Rapid prototyping and Low batch production.

Voxel Mini is probably the only 3D Printer with it’s specifications in it’s price category. For e.g. direct drive mechanism, Active Triple Cooling, all enclosed design helps 3D printing with industrial materials like PLA, TPU, TPE, PLA Carbon Fiber Infused with high reliability.

If you can operate a computer, you can operate a Voxel Mini, however, understanding the concepts in-depth helps better. You might want to attend one of our 3D Printing Workshops. A complimentary pass could be given on the purchase of a Voxel Mini.

Alternatively, we have a quick start video.

To get your first prints, it shouldn’t take you more than a 10-15 min learning. For an advanced level, it’ll take some experience with the 3D Printer and probably a few weeks learning.

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