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Printing Temperature: 220 – 250°C
Heated Bed Temperature: 90 – 120°C
Softer than PLA, but Stronger & Tougher
High Precision: Diameter: +/- 0.03 mm, Roundness: +/- 0.02 mm.

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  1. ABS has high strength, better toughness, heat resistance, and wear resistance.
  2. Excellent impact strength and compatibility with most 3D Printers.
  3. Minimum tolerance and low warping to ensure consistent feeding and stable prints, no clogging, extremely high success rate, resulting in printed parts that have an outstanding surface finish and are highly precise.
  4. Tangle Free & No Plugging Total Length: 410-425m.
  5. Full 1KG 3D printer filament reel, perfect roundness, and very tight diameter tolerance do not overlap or tangle.
  6. Melt well, feed smoothly and constantly without clogging the nozzle or extruder.
  7. Recommended Printing Temperature Printing Temp. at 220-260℃ can give you smooth prints which require less calibration and give off fewer extruder issues.
  8. Use With Heated Build Platform Is Recommended.
  9. Voxelwerks 3D filament comes in a sealed vacuum bag with a desiccant bag to keep it dry and keep out dust and foreign particles, prevent nozzle jams and yield smooth 3D models.
  10. Vacuumed Sealed Packaging Net Weight: 1KG.

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Weight 1.35 kg

Black, Blue, Brown, Green, Grey, Natural White, Orange, Pink, Red, Skin, Sky Blue, White, Yellow




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